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One gamer, one hater, tons of board games - who will win?


It's 1930s Berlin and we're trying to choose the best government possible. The only problem is that one of us is secretly Hitler. Ugh! I hate it when that happens! Highlights include:

- Not as much fun as watching Madonna fall down the stairs at Eurovision

- Newent: It's a magical place

- Amanda's amazing 1933 Berlin intro was not recorded

- We're all here solely for the parliamentary procedure

- It's all about the lies

- Jane was a huge fascist just out of curiosity

- Being liberal isn't as fun as killing people

- Sarah thought there were more fascists than there actually were. We've all been there.

- I lost my 4

- Envelopes always make you feel like a spy

- Like most things, when you're dead, there's nothing to do

- Chancellor by default - it's a hollow victory

- Sarah's description of Cluedo: That game where it's you, in the room, with the knife



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June 23, 2022

Episode 120 - Ecosystem

Meadows, streams, and a load of animals with specific requirements. Who can build the best ecosystem and keep everyone happy, or who'll end up with a poor bunny surrounded by wolves? Highlights include:

- Mark saw, Mark bought, we played

- Oooh, a biologically derived card game!

- Everyone knows the bears and the foxes don't get on

- Anybody heard of a Fwolf?

- Mark doesn't know the difference between a bee and a dragonfly

- You never know if your forest will get taken over by wolves - it's always a risk

- Yes, Mark does say 'coral leaf'

- Obviously, the next logical step is the zombie apocalypse

- Let's introduce some invasive bastards


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June 16, 2022

Episode 119 - Quarriors

Who can gain the most glory in this dice building game of quiddity, quarry and... q words! Highlights include:

- Brent Povis, are you still out there?

- As usual, we're playing things in the wrong order. Here's the version before Marvel Dice Masters

- Still not a fan of the rulebook...

- Nobody likes to win by default

- The more expensive a dice, the better, right?

- But could it be done with mushrooms?

- Summon the Royal Dorrier

- Games are always better when they're tactful


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June 9, 2022

Episode 118 - Fungi

We're off for a scourage in the woods to see who can cook the best mushrooms. As you do. Highlights include:

- We were not actually mushrooms

- There's a pronunciation debate

- Don't use Twitter to tell someone who doesn't have Twitter to get Twitter

- You have to pick these mushrooms quick

- There are some complicated mushroom names

- It's all about the pans, baby!

- What the hell is scouraging?

- You won't believe this, but poison is bad

- Sorry, there isn't any delicious dinner tonight. I swapped it for sticks...

- Which came first, cider or fire?

- Why do you always use a wicker basket?

- Game mechanic - tick. Tasty mushroom medleys - cross.


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June 2, 2022

Episode 117 - Unlock

We branch out in our escape game experience by trying Unlock. In French. Don't ask. Highlights include:

- We totally butcher some French (the language, not the people)

- Hooray for tutorial mode!

- On your guard, or on your toes - choose your translation

- The icy surface of Hoth is an environment that's shit

- The app is literally amazing

- A triangle has three sides, duh

- It's a messy FRAG this week...

- You can't criticise what you can't read


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It's Thursday at Hollyfirth, but after finding an obvious clue the previous day, our heroes decide to complete ignore it. Whatever.

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Things are heating up as the two schools prepare to compete for Barry Cooper's grand prize! But will this distract our heroes from the mysteries that the school campus is hiding?

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The Doctor and his companions have crash landed on a seemingly abandoned space ship. But, oh no!! It's infested with Weeping Angels, intent on sending us back to the past and stealing our life energy. I hate it when that happens. Can the heroes fix the Tardis and escape before it's too late? Highlights include:

- Mark can't remember what we played literally less than a week ago

- Weeping Agents would be an entirely different villain

- Backs to the walls, chaps

- Even the rules say the heroes won't win

- Sorry Doctor, it's not about you

- The game has middling complicatability


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The crew of the commercial tug Nostromo are in a bit of a pickle. After detouring to pick up a supposed distress signal, we're a man down and an alien up. Shit. Can we complete various tasks around the ship whilst avoiding the nefarious xenomorph? Highlights include:

- Typos ahoy!

- Ash is a dick

- Everyone knows androids love junk

- Instructions or flavour text?

- Bank Holiday History Lesson!


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After a shocking attack on one of the students, can a celebrity visit from Serpentball star Barry Cooper lift the Hollyfirth spirits?

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