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One gamer, one hater, tons of board games - who will win?


One of our relatives has gone missing, and all we're left with is a bunch of mysterious and monstrous clues - but which one of us can be in possession of the most important clue by the end? Highlights include:

- Just in case you were wondering, there's only one rulebook

- What's more important, winning or staying sane?

- Mark actually did some strategy!

- There's always insanity

- If board games were meal courses, what would you have?

- I was outstandingly bad at this game

- Who has the rights to what? Nobody knows!

- How many different engines are there?


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January 14, 2021

Episode 76 - Knightmare

Where am I? You're in the Knightmare Board Game! It's a race to reach Merlin, but can we involve the various traps and bastardry? Highlights include:

- Mark takes the lead!

- Who wants to climb Merlin's 'throne'?

- That's the room where that stupid kid fell off a bridge

- Back in the 80s nobody gave a fuck about plastic

- Half way through, we were like 'Oh, strategy.'

- Warning team!

- Falsehood!

- Who wants to join the Knightmare Adventurer's Club, only £3.95!


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January 7, 2021

Episode 75 - Sopio Legacy

A 29 game campaign comes to an end, and the deck we finish with is nothing like the one we started with! Permanent changes mean our Sopio Legacy deck is unique to us - go Popcorn! Highlights include:

- The game was heralded in by a totally shit Whoopi Goldberg movie

- Massive spoiler alert!

- It's all about the popcorn

- There's probably a bastard deck out there

- What's more important, opening secret packs, or winning?

- Sarah is now officially the God of Sopio

- You have to accept the fact you'll vandalise the game

- Don't get stuck in a french toast loop

- Whatever you do, guaranteed Sarah will stop you

- RIP Angel Fish, Brotato and Popcorn Colonel

- It's all about the secret packets

- Sarah loves the FRAG drama

- What else could be a Legacy game?


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We've fallen through the back of a wardrobe and ended up in 1988 with the Chronicles of Narnia game. Can we reassemble parts of the story or will the White Witch get the better of us? Highlights include:

- You WILL watch Narnia NOW!!

- The only Narnian thing are the pictures

- The whole 4 series, and they managed to ignore most of the main characters and events

- It's an epic quest for Jill Pole's head

- The White Witch gets a right slagging off

- Aslan only appears if you believe in him

- Find me Prince Caspian!

- More games should have cogs


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Sean makes an interesting trip to the Budget Mart, Jerry and Deputy Montgomery hatch a plan, Janice is back at the Fun Palace with Sandy, and Tyler has another illuminating chat with Wesley...

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It's been a month since all that nasty Temperence Society business, but the mystery is far from over. Who was Hortense Mondegreen working for? Is the new Bluesburg Fun Palace on the straight and narrow? Will Tyler ever publish his book?

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Lucien LeBleu is alive and Hortense Mondegreen's plan is finally revealed! Can our heroes defeat the Temperance Society and restore order to Bluesburg?

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December 3, 2020

Episode 73 - Wacky Races

The engines are revving, the checkered flag is waving, and the stage is set - hopefully Dick Dastardly won't sabotage us as we play Wacky Races! Highlights include:

- Women invented chocolate chip cookies

- A bit of technical beepery (apologies!)

- Third time's a charm for Mark's box reading

- Are boards no longer cool?

- Everyone knows the four terrain types: forest, desert, farm, and... purple

- Dick Dastardly is fucking shit

- Penelope Pitstop gets blasted

- Naturally, we've come up with a way to add booze


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A shocking news report brings Blueberry Brewery down, but don't worry! Conveniently there's a brand new beer ready to take its place. Is the timing a little too perfect? And what exactly is in the tunnels beneath the brewery?

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We're back in the realm of Star... Realms, except this time, instead of just us regular plebs in charge, we've got some actual Commanders! Will it be enough to make a difference? Highlights include:

- You're a blob destroyer

- Mark attempts to change the order of things

- The points system offends Mark

- We forgot all about the gambit cards

- Mark's opinion has changed!

- You never separate an expansion back out


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