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One gamer, one hater, tons of board games - who will win?


Something suspicious is happening with Blueberry Brewery's delivery trucks - the only solution is to follow them and see what secrets can be uncovered...

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As our heroes continue to investigate the strange goings on, they discover that the local beer might contain a secret ingredient...

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October 8, 2020

Episode 69 - Smash Up

Two misfit forces duke it out for control of various pop culture locations, but will the Luchador Mounties emerge victorious, or will the Musketeer Samurais beat them to it? Highlights include:

- A few too many fonts for Mark

- There's a lot of Literacy and Numeracy

- It needs a good tracking system

- We actually didn't need to smash at all...

- Cthulhu is the slag of the board game world

- 69, lol


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It's the morning after Brewers' Day and our heroes are feeling the effects of the town's celebrations...

- Why is Melissa so upset?

- What will Jerry do about all these caravans?

- What does Sheriff Blunt want with Sean?

- What will Tyler discover in the town records?

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September 26, 2020

Expansion 9 - Firefly Rim Space

We're exploring even more of the 'verse as our escapades take us into the depths of Rim Space! Highlights include:

- Mark is now officially in charge of the game reminders...

- It's all gone a bit planespherial!

- I found a loophole in the rules, which is totally fine considering the criminal nature of the game...

- The reavers can spread their shit all over the galaxy...

- Lockdown 2 threatens to spoil our fun...


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Welcome to Bluesburg - just an ordinary town somewhere in America, founded by brewing partners Charles Berry and Jacques LeBleu.

Five years ago, tragedy struck, with the brewery burning to the ground and taking the life of LeBleu's descendant, Lucien. Berry's heir, Daniel was left to set up a new brewery alone.

Some people believe the fire was no accident, whilst others are convinced that the secret ingredient of Blueberry Ale isn't blueberries.

As the townsfolk gather for the annual Brewers' Day celebrations, will the town's secrets be revealed?

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September 11, 2020

Episode 68 - Kids On Bikes

Grab your bike and your backpack - there's something mysterious going on in the town of Bluesburg, but what? Highlights include:

- Everyone gets to tell the story!

- Patrick decides to stay at home and avoid as much of the adventure as possible

- Bunty channels her inner brutish jock (she swears of her own accord and everything!)

- Experience a myriad of questionable accents

- Congratulations, you've won a dead fiance

- Many of the buildings in Bluesburg don't have toilets

- Bunty forgets who she is


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September 3, 2020

Episode 67 - Sopio

Puns and stickmen collide in this quick little card game! Highlights include:

- Mark was joint first for a week!

- Huge Roman Penis!

- Mark misunderstands the FRAG system. Has he been doing it wrong all along?

- I'm cooking dinner, here you go

- Introducing Cards Of Humanities, the History/Geography/RE game


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An alien world has been plagued by exploding worms and is extremely close to falling apart completely - instead of evacuating the hell out of there, we've decided it's the perfect arena for a scrap! Highlights include:

- Mark claims not to remember Cthulhu Wars at all

- This is the Duplo to Risk's Lego

- Arrgh! It's a Poltergash!

- It seems a bit haberdashery

- Mark is the messiah of Kickstarter - bring him a game and he can instantly tell where it came from


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Like Jurassic Park or the Vengaboys, we're going back to the island - we just can't keep away! What new tricks and traps await us when the Last Adventurer gets involved? Highlights include:

- The eagerly anticipated results of the Board Game Boardroom are announced

- It's basically Indiana Jones

- A honey pot is worth more than a purple gemstone

- Better cards this time round


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