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One gamer, one hater, tons of board games - who will win?

Lockdown Games

July 9, 2020

Here you will find the instructions for both games featured on our 'Lockdown Games Challenge' Minisode! Feel free to try them yourself and let us know how it goes!

Bunty's (Brilliant?) Board Game

Each player needs: A six sided dice, a counter to represent each player, paper and pencil/computer and printer, scissors

1 - First, each player needs to make a board. Start with a 10x10 grid. Choose one space on the far left to be the start, and one space on the far right to be the finish. Shade in 20 squares of your choice to create blockades, however there must be at least one clear route from the start to the finish. Mark 15 squares with a C - these will become card spaces. It should look something like:


Each player needs a copy of every other player's board layout. This can be done by simply copying each other's boards onto empty grids, or with a bit of forward planning, boards can be made in advance and emailed/printed by relevant people.

2 - Each player rolls a dice to determine the order of the boards. Once order is determined, line the boards up so that the finish of the first board lines up with the start of the second, and so on. You should have a line of boards with a route running from the start of board one to the finish of the final board.

3 - Next, each player makes their own deck of ten cards. There must be 5 positive cards and 5 negative cards, ideally paired up with each other so the game is balanced. Here are some examples of cards, but feel free to be as creative as you want!

Move forwards (1-2-3-4) spaces / Move backwards (1-2-3-4) spaces
Take (1-2) extra turns / Miss (1-2) turns
Move to the start of board (1-2-3 etc) / Move to the finish of board (1-2-3 etc)
Move 1 space in front of the lead player / Move 1 space behind the last player
Move (up-down-left-right) as far as you can until you hit a blockade or the edge of the board
The player nearest you on the board gets an extra turn / The player nearest you on the board misses a turn
Add an extra blockade on your board / Add an extra blockade on someone else's board
Add an extra C space on your board / Add an extra C space on someone else's board

Cut these cards out, shuffle and put in a pile face down near your board.

4 - Put all the counters on the start space of the first board, and you're ready to go! Here's the rules:

- The aim of the game is to get all the way from the start space on the first board to the finish space on the last board.
- Players take it turn to roll the dice and move across the board. Be sure to tell your opponents where you are moving so they can move the counters on their own version of the board.
- You cannot move through the shaded blockade squares.
- You can only move vertically or horizontally, not diagonally.
- Other than the start square, you cannot occupy the same space as another player, so must find a way round.
- If you land on a C square, you get a card from whoever owns the current section of board you're on, so if you landed on a C square on board one, you get a card from player one etc
- On the final board, you must land exactly on the finish square in order to win!

Phil's 'Manhunt' Game

The Story:
In the far future, people entertain themselves by watching 'Manhunt'. Contestants roam the maze, building walls and setting traps to block each other off. The last one left free is the winner!

- Each player needs a pencil and a drawn/printed version of this board:


- Each player prints/writes out their own set of these cards:


- Shuffle the cards and place them face down near your board.

- Everyone chooses a starting corner in secret and marks their position on their board. Do not tell any other players which corner you've chosen!

Order Of Play:
- On your turn, you get three actions. They can be any combination of:
MOVE: Say 'move' then move one space vertical or horizontal, not diagonal. Mark your new location on your board, but never reveal your location to the other players. If you move onto a C space, you must declare you are 'collecting a card', but again, do not reveal which C space you visited. Take a card into your hand. The only exception to this is the central square Cx2. Here, you declare you are 'collecting 2 cards' then take two cards. The drawback is, everyone will know where you are! Each player may only visit each C space once, so when you visit one, cross it off your map.
WALL: Declare two squares you wish to build a wall between. Everybody must draw a line between these two squares, which now becomes an impassable barrier. You can build walls anywhere on the map regardless of where you are.
CARD: Play a card from your hand by following its instructions. Discard the card after use. The only exception is the Stealth card. You do not have to declare when you use this, but still must discard it afterwards.

End Of The Game:
If ever you find yourself trapped in an area of 9 or less squares without a C space, then you are eliminated. Once you are eliminated, you can still use your turn to build walls, but that is the only action you can do. If you are blocked in but have a card you can use to escape (Teleport or Phase) then you do not have to declare that you are trapped. Similarly, if you are blocked in with a C space, you can keep visiting that space, hoping to get a card that can help you escape. If you run out of cards and still have not escaped, then you must declare your elimination. Play continues until only one player remains free.



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