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One gamer, one hater, tons of board games - who will win?

Gaming Etiquette

June 11, 2020

For The Gamers

1 - No stopping the game to make tea

2 - Keep the conversation relevant

3 - Always listen to the rules

4 - Always see a game through to the end

5 - No joining a game half way through

6 - Always know when it's your turn

7 - Don't change the rules just because it's difficult

8 - If you knock the board, you should just leave

9 - Small children and pets should be kept away/ignored at all times


For The Games

1 - Make sure that the box is capable of holding all the bits and expansions. Release new boxes as necessary

2 - Make sure the rules actually make sense

3 - Make sure there aren't any printing errors or typos that might spoil the way the game runs

4 - If you're going to release a game in a certain country, then ALL subsequent expansions must also be released there

5 - Make sure all your expansions/versions are compatible in terms of card design/piece size etc

6 - Don't be a set of money grabbing bastards

7 - Make sure your fully assembled board game actually fits on a standard table

8 - Make sure components are durable. They should survive longer than I will

9 - If you commit to a film or TV series, then you have to include every entry in that series - no picking and choosing

10 - If your game needs technology, make sure the technology is constantly supported

11 - Games should be accessible to as many people as possible

12 - Unless there's a very good reason (Exit), a game shouldn't have a limit on plays

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