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One gamer, one hater, tons of board games - who will win?

Types Of Gamer

April 30, 2020

The Scholar = Owns a lot of games, and plays a lot of games. The Scholar will know the rules and can easily explain and teach these rules to others. Unfortunately, the Scholar may stray into 'backseat driving', over-explaining options and recommendations on other players' turns.

The Law Abider = Always sticks to the rules, after all, they've been written that way for a reason! The Law Abider will always keep the rulebook near, ready to check any fine details, FAQs or contradictions. The Law Abider will always make sure that others also follow the rules.

The Rebel = Is not afraid to bend the rules if there's a loophole to exploit. The Rebel might make adjustments to the rules if a game is too challenging, or in the 'interests of fairness' pah! In severe cases, the Rebel may even resort to cheating - they don't care about the rulebook... it's more of a guideline anyway!

The Strategist = Plans every move down to the smallest detail. The Strategist will take a long time with their turn, considering every possibility and option before committing. They may well have planned a few moves ahead, predicting (or even dictating, in a team game) the moves of others.

The Competitor = Always plays to win. The Competitor will be a very smug winner, and a very sore loser. They will most likely take things personally and hold a grudge if another player hinders their progress. Competitors can even turn games of pure chance into competitive drama.

The Socialiser = Is really only playing to have fun with their friends. The Socialiser will play anything, but the game is a secondary concern. Socialisers might be distracted, focusing on chat etc. Socialisers are likely to break a lot of the gaming etiquette rules.

The Venturer = Adopts their role for the duration of the game. For those two hours, the Venturer IS that orc tramping through the forest. Venturers feel every arrow, every dice roll and every betrayal.

The Non-Gamer = Just doesn't get it. No matter how hard they try, or how many times it's explained, the Non-Gamer will never know when it's their turn, or what to do when the time comes. 'So I have to roll the dice to move, yeah?' Every. Single. Time.

The Accidental Gamer = Is only playing because they can't escape. The Accidental Gamer might be somebody's plus one, or they may be crashing over and unable to leave so are only playing to avoid being rude. It's either play with everyone else, or sit alone in a different room.

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