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One gamer, one hater, tons of board games - who will win?

September 22, 2022

Minisode 30 - Ancient Game Tomb Challenge

Phil, Tim and Riley compete in the Ancient Game Tomb Challenge! A set of random components have been unearthed in a freshly discovered tomb. Perhaps they are part of a game of some sort? We each pitch our games, but the vote is down to you! Highlights include:

- Which do you prefer, reviews or 'other' content?

- MS Paint for the win

- Ancient cultures really were brutal

- Riley makes us all look bad by actually creating his game

- Snakes can be tricky

- How did string survive?

- Indiana Jones has given us lots of inspiration/education

- Did I cheat? Who knows!

- I'm a total selfish bastard

- What happened to your hands, Grandma?


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